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Nurtura is an aesthetic and wellness center located in Menteng, Jakarta Pusat. Our team is pleased to offer an advanced and impeccable services for our clients through the best technologies. We are a team of dedicated experts with years of experience in a wide range of treatments for face and body. We always aim to make you be a better version of yourself.

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Special Deals

Special Deals

Nurtura Dental

Consultation/ Examination

Consultation or Premedication

Pit and Fissure Sealant

Dental Radiography

Scaling / Teeth Cleaning Class I

Scaling / Teeth Cleaning Class II

Scaling / Teeth Cleaning Class III

Dental Spa with Aqua Care

Root Planning

Tooth Desensitizing

Dental Gel

Root Canal Treatments

    Nerve Removal

    • Front teeth

    • Back teeth

Root Canal Cleaning

    • Front teeth

    • Back teeth

Rotary Medication

    • Front teeth

    • Back teeth

Root Canal Filling

    • Front teeth

    • Back teeth

Dental Filling

    • Medication Filling

    • Front Teeth Dental Filling

    • Back Teeth/ Caries Class I

    • Back Teeth/Caries Class II

    • Front Teeth/ Caries Class III

    • Front Teeth/ Caries Class IV

Dental Surgery

    • Tooth Extraction for Kids

    • Tooth Extraction for Adults

    • Tooth Extraction (Advance Level 1)

    • Tooth Extraction (Advance Level 2)

    • Tooth Extraction (Advance Level 3)

    • Operculectomy

    • Impacted Wisdom Teeth (Level 1)

    • Impacted Wisdom Teeth (Level 2)

    • Impacted Wisdom Teeth (Level 3)

    • Impacted Wisdom Teeth (Level 4)

    • Alveolectomy per region

    • Apicoectomy

    • Abscess incision

    • Dry Socket Treatment

    • Dental Suturing

Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)


Direct Veneer /Teeth

Indirect Porcelain Veneer /Teeth


Metal Braces (USA)

Ceramic Braces (USA)

Braces Damon System

Orthodontic Control

Wire Replacement

Braces/Hook/Button Replacement

Ceramic Braces Replacement

Braces/Hook/Button Replacement

Dentist Migration

Retainer Control

Braces Removal

Retainer Control Migration


  • Dentures

      • Removable Denture/Teeth

      • Full Denture (Upper and Lower)

      • Removable Denture (FRS)

      • Removable Denture (Valplast)

          • Add Metal Frame

          • Add Valplast Frame

          • Add Wing Metal

          • Add Rest Metal

      • Acrylics Denture

Crowns and Bridges

Pin Core with Metal

Pin Core with Fiber Post

Pin Core with Precous Metal

Pin Core Attachment Ball/Magnet/Teeth

Maryland Porcelain

Crown/Bridge Porcelain Fused to Metal

All Ceramic Emax/Teeth

All Porcelain Zirconia/Teeth

Inlay or Onlay

Metal Inlay/Onlay

Porcelain Inlay/Onlay


    • Implant: Front Teeth

    • Implant: Back teeth

    • Bone Graft

Mucosal Treatment